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Together, we’re
building a thriving , resilient and inclusive economy for all.

Thrive believes an economic model exists that builds community resiliency, fosters social inclusion and is sustainable for future generations. Local relationships. ownership, inclusion and prosperity all matter and are at the heart of the work we do. We act as stewards connecting local resources and people in communities to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economy where no one is left behind.

Connect with Thrive to:

  • Grow your leadership in building the local economy
  • Launch a social impact venture in your community
  • Accelerate a socially-minded business
  • Be inspired by what’s working in other communities
  • Connect to resources that move your idea forward
We take great pride in our strong network of partnerships to reach real people. create real opportunities and champion real change.


We’re connecting neighborhood champions with local resources to foster community vitality.


We’re helping entrepreneurs to launch a social venture, and existing businesses to create a social impact within their business.

Local Economy

We’re partnering with local economy leaders to build and sustain the local economy from the ground up.

We seek long-term sustainable solutions to transform the economic well-being of all Calgarians.