Where are they now? Catching up with the Thrive Incubator graduates

In the spring of 2018, Thrive launched its first-ever Incubator cohort with 12 aspiring social entrepreneurs seeking to create social impact through their business.

We were fortunate to catch up with five of these inaugural graduates, and this is what they’re up to now:

  • Ely Ryan, Tradeslife

Ryan had first incorporated his business in 2013 as an online platform connecting skilled tradespeople with construction companies in Calgary. Since taking his business through Incubator, Ryan has expanded his idea to include a subscription safety box for the trades industry and has been in talks with trade schools to connect students with the platform.

You can connect with Tradeslife through its website.

  • Ivan Cherkezov, Findings Resource Centre

Cherkezov had spent much of his professional life working with those who have special needs. His idea was to open a facility to teach arts and crafts to young adults with developmental disabilities, filling a void in the day-programming offerings in the city. However, until participating in Thrive’s Incubator, he didn’t know the first thing about running his own facility. Now, he’s gearing up to open the Findings Resource Centre and is accepting clients now.

You can connect with Findings Resource Centre on Facebook.

  • Margaret Taylor, Nudemarket

Taylor’s initial idea was to open a zero-waste grocery store, inspired by the movement in Europe. However, after uncovering the potential risks for overhead costs, she launched Nudemarket as an online store, which is available now.

You can also connect with Nudemarket on Facebook and Instagram

  • Ro Averin, UNLRN PRJCT

Averin’s business idea was a consultancy focused on assisting workplaces and community groups do their work in more socially-just and intersectional ways through ongoing collaborative and accountable partnership.

UNLRN PRJCT (“Unlearn Project”) will provide long-term, custom solutions for organizations to make lasting internal change. Averin says Incubator helped solidify her plan to create the consultancy and was “deeply instrumental” in planning UNLRN PRJCT’s future.

You can learn more about UNLRN PRJCT by going to unlrnprjct.com, or emailing ro@unlrnprjct.com.

  • Sanya Chaudry, Nannyshack

Chaudry first came into Incubator with the idea to launch a childcare centre with a living space for nannies built into the centre. Now, she’s getting ready to launch a pilot project for a “pop-up” childcare facility that will run full-time, part-time, and overnight care over three days in Northern Hills – either out of her home or commercial space. Her ultimate goal is to provide nannies with stable work and housing, while also providing parents with trusted, affordable, and flexible care.

You can find out more about Nannyshack by sending Sanya an email.



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