we’re building a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all

Who We Are

Thrive has a strong network of partnerships to reach real people, create real opportunities and champion real change. As a trusted resource for Calgary-based local economy leaders, entrepreneurs and neighbourhood champions we provide access to quality Community Economic Development (CED) education and facilitate connections to key resources that empower Calgary’s changemaking community.

Our values inform our actions


We care about the well-being of all people and believe that a healthy economy is one where no one is left behind. We work alongside community partners to create long term sustainable solutions for an inclusive local economy.


We connect local knowledge and talent to solve local challenges, foster community vitality and empower all people to thrive with purpose. By harnessing local ownership individuals are empowered to think of themselves as owners, determine what’s needed for their community and become accountable for their actions.


A vibrant, prosperous economy is collaborative and connects local resources with local people. Relationships are more than just connections with people, they are the vital link to influencing the interactions and decisions we make.


Prosperity is more than a measure of economic growth, it is about a community’s resiliency and ability to care for one another. We spread sustainable solutions that create resilient economies now and for future generations.

Thrive’s work contributes to advancing Enough for All, where everyone in Calgary has the income and assets needed to thrive. Our work is made possible thanks to the generous support of United Way of Calgary & Area and Family and Community Support Services.

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