Trico Charitable Foundation leads social innovators at SVI

As the lead sponsor of Social Venture Institute Alberta, Trico Charitable Foundation is furthering its mission to form a “pipeline” for Alberta’s social innovators, says Executive Director Dan Overall. 

Established in 2008 by Trico Homes founders Wayne and Eleanor Chiu, the Trico Charitable Foundation seeks to close gaps in society by provoking innovation and building capacity in social entrepreneurship. The Foundation’s focus on social entrepreneurship emerged from the Chiu’s passion for entrepreneurship, and a keen awareness of the need for creative solutions to ensure sustainability in the non-profit sector.  

Its work focuses on the Canadian context through four key areas: 

  1. A.S.E.S.S., a capacity building toolkit with funding for non-profit social enterprises in Alberta, Canada; 
  2. Social EnterPrize, a biannual celebration of mature Canadian social enterprises (for-profit and not-for-profit) and commissions case studies on the recipients;  
  3. The World of Social Entrepreneurship, an annual Calgary event in partnership with the local community that brings some of the best and brightest examples of social entrepreneurship from around the world to Calgary; and  
  4. RECODE, an effort to nurture social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Canada’s post-secondary institutions in partnership with J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. 

“One theme we hear time and time again is the quality of a social entrepreneur’s peers are one of the key predictors of success – not only for the venture itself but for the quality of life of the social entrepreneur,” Overall says. 

“As the only province-wide effort to gather Alberta’s social entrepreneurs, SVI Alberta fills a key gap on this crucial issue.” 

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