Thrive to merge with Momentum

Thrive is excited to announce some big news. This fall, the Thrive team will merge with the Momentum team. This means that the Thrive brand will be immediately decommissioned, but the important work of Thrive will continue, and is perhaps more important than ever.  

As you may know, Thrive has been operating as a separate area of work for the Momentum organization for almost a decade. By merging these separate teams and decommissioning one brand, we can do more. As a changemakers we are committed to adapting and this change allows us to synergize and strengthen. In fact, the careful merging of work and people is allowing us to build more robust community economic solutions. 

You can expect to see some visible changes if you’ve been an online Thrive follower and friend. On September 30th, the Thrive website and social media will be officially decommissioned because stewarding a separate brand takes significant time and money. Therefore, the increasingly important work of social business development, and community enterprise activation will continue to be shared with you on Momentum’s channels including over at momentum.org and on Momentum’s social media channels. The Be Local network of community-focused businesses will continue to promote and provide support to locally owned business who make a difference, along with energizing the new Be Local store.  

We remain committed to connecting with you, and we are looking optimistically towards the future.  

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