Thrive is

Thrive is a community that cares.

It is a network of Calgarians working in many different ways toward a thriving local economy for all, forever. Thrive allows us to gather in person and online to exchange knowledge and ideas. We build the capacity to get things done. There are no special invitations, no special requirements – if you care about building a sustainable local economy, you are part of Thrive. Connect to the community!

Thrive is a dynamic series of partnerships.

It facilitates connections between individuals, nonprofits, business and government. We meet through Thrive and support each other in our work to build a strong local economy, reduce poverty and create a sustainable future. Together we can implement the economic strategies that will lead to prosperity for all residents in every Calgary neighbourhood.

Thrive is a catalyst.

It cultivates an environment in which transformation can occur. Through Thrive, Calgarians can connect, learn, dream and act to create a resilient economy that combines social goals with business outcomes.

Thrive is inclusive.

It actively seeks out a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, abilities and knowledge. Thrive is open to ideas from across the community. The actions taken by the Thrive community are motivated, initiated and implemented by the many different people involved, all working toward a vibrant, local, just and planet-friendly economy.

Thrive is visionary.

It nurtures innovation and leverages opportunities and promising practices that already exist. The Thrive network helps us achieve our dreams of social equity, cultural vitality, economic prosperity and ecological sustainability.

Thrive is you!

Join the network! Learn what’s going on. Come to an event. Bring your friends. Bring your ideas. Step into the conversation. Contribute what you can, when you can. There’s always room for more. Together we can make this city thrive.