Northern Hills Connect #socents in the making

In partnership with the Northern Hills Community Association and Vivo we’ve had the opportunity to introduce the communities of Northern Hills, Country Hills, Country Hills Village, Coventry Hills, Harvest Hills and Panorama Hills to social enterprise – what it is and how it can be used to make a difference in the neighborhood

We’re thrilled our friend Nicole Dawe, Manager Philanthrophy at Vivo took some time out of her busy schedule to script this great read (thanks Nicole!). It captures some of the exciting ‘wins’ for the group dubbed Northern Hills Connect (NHC) that is working to cultivate a culture of belonging and connection through sustainable social enterprise development.

It takes a village… to raise a business rooted in community 

Have you ever felt like our lives are compartmentalized? That we go to work to make money. That we spend time with friends and family to feel connected. And to feel a part of something bigger than us, we binge watch a season of Game of Thrones or escape to the mountains? Who has ever felt like this before? Now imagine a magical world where all of those things intersect…this was how emcee Philip Lozano of Thrive and Momentum kicked off Northern Hills Connect’s first pitch night on September 7.

The pitch night was the culmination of seven months of meetings and a summer full of free social enterprise workshops. It brought the community together to hear eight residents pitch their ideas and inspire a community to support an initiative aimed at making everyone’s lives better. Those pitches included:

  • Playground with Spa – Zuhair Khan
  • Local Focused Marketplace – Bryan Chow
  • Art Lessons @ Home – Nikki Pike
  • Reclaim Garden Produce – Jon Berlie
  • Night Market North – Ian McAnerin
  • Local Online Auctions – Stephanie Paull
  • Community TimeBank – Kim Walker
  • Nannies to Go – Jessie Leighton & Fatima Cuade

The community, judges and NHC’s members selected two pitches to move forward to the finals at EconoUs2017 – an annual national community economic development conference held in Calgary September 13-15. Those two pitches were Nannies to Go and Reclaiming Garden Produce, check out the livestream here.

NHC has secured some prize money and other supports that can help the aforementioned pitches and other community businesses launch and thrive. To get involved, learn more or attend a future meeting/event follow or contact us on Facebook or Instagram – @NorthernHillsConnect.