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MEET THE MAKERS | EmergeMARKET 2018 video

EmergeMARKET is a summer project by EmergeHUB, a coworking space serving Forest Lawn’s diverse population of home-based businesses. The markets ran every other Saturday through the summer, and we were lucky enough to visit with some of the folks there!
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Five facts we learned about low-income living from the Poverty Snapshot

As stewards of the City of Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy Enough for All, Vibrant Communities Calgary takes a thoughtful approach to ending poverty by studying and addressing its root causes. In June 2018, Vibrant Communities Calgary’s Policy Strategist Janet Eremenko published an extensive report called Poverty in Calgary: A picture of the incidence and experience […]
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Startup landscape designer honours Indigenous perspectives

For many years Heather Morigeau worked as a fine jewelry designer, until the 2015 gold mine waste spill that contaminated the Animas River in the Navajo Nation. Appalled, Morigeau left the industry with the intent to start her own landscaping business to affect positive change on the environment inspired by her Indigenous roots. Foodscape is […]