More Than Skin Deep

We caught up with Chad Zelensky just in time for Father’s Day. We’re thrilled to be able to share some of his reflections on his journey as both a Dad and a community-focused entrepreneur.

For Chad Zelensky, owner of Lowen’s Skincare, the journeys of fatherhood and entrepreneurship have always been inextricably linked.

The story begins in 2010, when Chad, a certified pharmacist and new father, was unsuccessful at treating the diaper rash of his daughter, Lowen. Having tried every commercially available solution on the market, Chad began searching for an alternative. Using only organic, fair trade, and locally sourced ingredients, Lowen’s Skincare’s first product was born.

Since then, Lowen’s has gone on to create many simple, high quality skincare products. Along the way, family has remained at the heart of Chad’s inspiration.

“Lowen and our family challenges with rash, sensitivity and the like has driven me to formulate a lot of our product line.  Our younger daughter Simone has been our proof of concept for many of our other products. If our family won’t use a product, then it’s not being sold through Lowen’s Skincare.” says Chad.

But being a father inspires Chad far beyond his product line. As a community-focused business, it also shapes the core values that guide him in everything Lowen’s Skincare does.

“The desire to have a positive impact on our community is directly related to our kids.  It is more than just sustainability. I want Lowen’s, as a business, to reflect what I feel is important for a highly functioning and empathetic human. I know that the examples I set in business are key to fostering these qualities in our girls.”

And Chad is already seeing some of these qualities in action. “I have a tendency to react to things that seemingly don’t go ‘right’ as negative.” He says. “It’s amazing when my kids recognize this and challenge me to reframe it when I start slipping down the rabbit hole.”

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Lowen’s Skincare wants to provide opportunities for appreciation within other families, too. Lowen’s has released an exclusive Father’s Day Gift Set for sale on the Be Local store, with $5 per box donated to Hull Services to aid their efforts in treating children’s mental health initiatives in Calgary.

Happy Father’s Day to Chad, and all the other amazing fathers and father figures in Be Local and in our communities.