Local action for food security

How would you like to be part of a start-up, social-enterprise to develop and implement a grocery co-operative for seniors situated in the East Village at 5th St SE and 8th Ave? We have at present an opportunity to secure a space in the Golden Age Club. Because, we have a serious interest from the seniors themselves to assist through volunteering at their own store and other expressed interest from locals in our community, we can anticipate even further cost savings passed on directly to seniors. We are centrally located within one block of 800 seniors and anticipate incorporating a shuttle service to another 400. Seniors have specific nutritional needs and together we can address this injustice.

My name is Robert, I am a senior and I live in a Calgary Housing unit in East Village. I am entrepreneurial by nature and seriously empathetic at heart with a significant amount of experience dating back to 1985 in envisioning, developing and implementing programs such as this one to give our seniors a hand up. They deserve better!

This project is meant to be self-sustaining and our intent is to have an open door policy.

If your heart is longing be a part of this or you have questions I would love to hear from you. Please contact philipl@momentum.org for more information.


Philip Lozano, CED Coordinator with Thrive connected with Robert through Nancy Dyck, the City of Calgary Community Social Worker for East Village. “What impressed me most about Robert was his emphasis on having this grocery store be sustainable, his desire for it to be financially self-sustaining and that it truly be grounded in the interests of his neighbours who are struggling to obtain affordable, good quality food,” says Philip. “The East Village is a food desert, many residents take the train and travel as far as the Sunnyside Safeway or the Wal-Mart at Marlboro to purchase their groceries. Those with mobility issues are even more limited in the winter time.”

“It’s obvious Robert is passionate about his community and his fellow seniors. Although Robert has lots of entrepreneurial experience, he is interested in connecting with other like-minded folks who want to help him make this idea a reality. This is where the Thrive community and people like you come in! Hit me up with an email, let’s grab a coffee with Robert and talk about possibilities!”