Grow your network and build connections in the local economy

Here at Thrive, we’ve come to know that a resilient and inclusive economy is rooted in relationships. Relationships are more than just connections with people, they are the vital link to influencing the interactions and decisions we make. The landscape for community champions and local economy leaders continues to grow and evolve in Calgary. With that in mind, here are four resources we wanted to highlight:

  • Canadian Poverty Institute — operating out of Ambrose University, the Canadian Poverty Institute works to heal poverty through research, teaching, and practice. “The purpose of research is not purely for academic purposes,” says Derek Cook, Director of the Institute. “It’s also research into new areas that are going to influence policy and improve practice in order to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing poverty.” Such research projects include community hubs and new economic models.

The Poverty Summer Institute is a program through Ambrose University to examine poverty issues to build capacity and understanding for those living in poverty, with a goal to intervene and end it. The program began its second year on May 28, 2018.

  • Economics of Social Change is an adult-education course offered through Mount Royal University’s Institute for Community Prosperity, in partnership with Thrive. The series aims to provide tools and ideas to create change in the community through the local economy. The second of the five classes, ‘The changing nature of business,’ is on June 20. Tickets are available here.
  • Trico Changemakers Studio is another initiative through Mount Royal University. A coworking space exclusively for organizations working towards making change for Calgary. Members include Universal Access – a business that audits other businesses on their ability to accommodate those with disabilities; and REAP Business Association – a non-profit business networking group dedicated to promoting and connecting local and sustainably-owned businesses in Calgary. Click here to find out more.

“So much of what the champions of the local economy are doing depends on the strength of their connection to one another, and the strength of the economy relies on the various sectors working together,” says Jill Andres, Director of the Trico Changemakers Studio.

“In this space, we have all three – the private, public, and non-profit sectors – coming together, because we know that to make the impact we want to have, it will take everyone working together as a system.”

Take Action:

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