Grow your Food Biz with Thrive

Attention all YYC foodies! Thrive Accelerator is on the hunt for locally-owned and operated food purveyors who want to increase revenues and grow their business. Next cohort is Spring 2018.

Why we care about food: We believe the food industry can make a great impact on jobs, quality of life, and health in the community. Maybe that’s why you or a friend started a food business, or maybe you started a food business because you just love to cook and eat good food (that’s a great reason too).

Why we’re interested in you: The downturn in the economy has had a trickle-down effect on the food industry. Declining revenues and increased taxes make for a hard go. We feel you if you’ve had to lay off staff or reduce your operating hours because of staffing shortages. Or maybe it’s just a constant slog to sell your wares, and you know it’s time to tweak your model. Perhaps you’re ready to grow your offering beyond the farmers market? If you are willing to put in a little work to let your food business grow, Thrive Accelerator is for you!

The BENEFITS of Thrive Accelerator:

  • You will be surrounded by ten other small business owners who may have faced similar struggles (and have overcome them)
  • You will work with a business coach for 24 weeks, FOR FREE!
  • You will make new friends in the industry
  • You will meet successful business owners who have grown their business in tough times
  • You will see your business do good in the community (we favor a social purpose model)
  • You will make more money!

SIGN ME UP! All you need to do is fill out this application and Chas Young, our amazing in-house social purpose business expert, and Accelerator ace will be in touch. Questions? Feel free to reach out to her or 403-204-2670.