your leadership in the local economy

Skill building and professional development opportunities to cultivate your leadership in the local economy.

Current Offerings

Thrive’s Community Huddle

Join Thrive’s annual gathering for inspiration and connection to the people and resources to move your idea forward.

Social Venture Institute Alberta

An intensive and interactive retreat built by social entrepreneurs, for social entrepreneurs. Attendees will spend two days at the Banff Centre, October 15-16, 2018, to hear success stories, solve problems, and connect.

Trico Changemakers Studio

A dynamic coworking and learning centre at Mount Royal University, building a community of changemakers among students, social entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and leaders from across sectors making a difference for people and the planet.

Economics of Social Change

Harness new tools in this 5-part workshop series designed for individuals passionate about community that are curious how to apply an economic lens to social issues. Grow your understanding of the connections between the local economy, community development and social change in areas such as food security, affordable housing and local job creation.