Community Soup brings people and ideas together

On June 12, Northern Hills Connect is bringing together community dreamers from the seven neighbourhoods of Northern Hills, to share ideas over a bowl of soup.

The free event, dubbed Community Soup, is a pilot run by Northern Hills Connect – a working group of passionate residents incubating and fostering social entrepreneurial ideas that tackle poverty and create connection among neighbours.

Community Soup was inspired by a similar event Vancouver Soup, as an “informal way to present ideas.” Jessie Leighton of Northern Hills Connect came upon the series while travelling in Vancouver and was so moved by it, she suggested bringing the idea to the community.

The series also references the classic folk story Stone Soup, wherein hungry villagers thought they didn’t have enough food to go around until they brought all their resources together to make a soup.

“Everything we need is already there, we just need to pool our resources. Stone Soup is a reminder to us all that there is abundance in community,” says Philip Lozano, Community Economic Development Coordinator at Thrive. The event will kick off with a reading of this story.

“The idea is to connect people who have an idea to make their community even better, with people who can help them explore and promote those ideas. Some of these ideas will be businesses ideas, some not. Either way, we want to support them and help create an impact that is sustainable,” says Tamara Keller, active resident and champion for Northern Hills Connect.

“Just come share some soup and talk about your ideas.”

Community Soup is also furthering the group’s goal to help launch a social enterprise in the area this year. Keller hopes that the event will help bring greater awareness to social enterprise and what it could mean for the community.

“We’re here to help facilitate connections and find resources that can improve the community.”

Vivo for Healthier Generations, a fitness and community centre based in Country Hills, will host the event while Notre Dame High School’s culinary program will provide the soup. Philip Lozano hopes to pique the interest of the high school students to join Northern Hills Connect and bring a multi-generational perspective to the organization.

“Vivo has been a vital part of our community,” says Keller. “They’ve been a tremendous support for organizations and businesses in our area.”

“We can always learn and grow together.”

Take Action:

  • Click here to register for Community Soup on June 12 at Vivo for Healthier Generations from 6-8:30 p.m.
  • Click here to learn more about Northern Hills Connect.