Community Huddle and Soul Forum become one

For the first time ever Thrive’s annual community gathering, the Community Huddle, will be integrated with the Soul of the Next Economy Forum.

“Our huddle has always been about bringing community residents, entrepreneurs and local change makers together to talk about a thriving and inclusive Calgary economy,” says Philip Lozano, Community Economic Development Coordinator at Thrive.

“The Community Huddle being integrated throughout the entirety of the Forum’s programming allows us to have even more inspiring and impactful conversations with even more people.” The day-and-a-half conference on November 14th and 15th connects people from education, government, business, and non-profit sectors to “foster conversation revolving around the challenges we face globally and locally and how, together, we can engage in sustainable, business-orientated solutions to those challenges,” says Randy Poon, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Business Admin at Ambrose University, where the Soul of the Next Economy Forum has been hosted since its inception in 2014.

“Finding Opportunity in Uncertain Times” is this year’s Forum theme, recognizing the economic shift in our city over the past four years and how it has impacted the jobs, lifestyle, and entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens.

“Our spirit is a resilient one, and it flows from the connections we make with one another,” says Poon. “The Forum is very much about these connections and collaborative efforts. It’s a chance to learn from one another and to discover new opportunities together.”

The REAP Business Association has also entered the fold of the Soul of the Next Economy Forum this year, where it will host its 7th annual Be Local Awards ceremony, celebrating the above-and-beyond work its 100 business and non-profit members do for the community and environment. Thrive is once again proudly sponsoring the Community Economy Leader Award, recognizing the REAP member that works to create a thriving and resilient economy.

“We are stoked,” Lozano says. “We can’t wait to see the intersections of all these different communities, coming together, having generative conversations about new possibilities for Calgary’s future.”

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