Co-work & create @emergeHUByyc

We’re so excited to see a community unfolding over at emergeHUB on International Ave! The collaborative space has some exciting offerings in the works from how-to’s in small business accounting and social media marketing to ‘Turning Passion into Profit’ – an entrepreneurship workshop delivered by our very own Erin Melynchuk with Momentum.

Here’s a little lowdown on what’s going down from the co-work space’s maestro Mark Shields.

Us: We hear emergeHUB has a manifesto of sorts? Care to share?

Mark: We like to say innovation through idea generation. Our mission is to create a collaborative space with shared resources that allows ideas to grow. As a project of the International Avenue BRZ, we are founded by businesses, but we are consciously extending our roots into the common soil of creativity.

Us: Ohh, we like. That makes us think of growing food – the soil of creativity.

Mark: Yes, lots of similarities to growing food. Our experience tells us a hub is not formulaic and requires a mixture of design and happenstance. We see that every interaction between people contains a seed, which given the right environment may sprout, take root and reach heights unimaginable at the interactive moment.

Us: The ‘interactive moment’. Love that. So why was the time right, now for emergeHUB on International Ave?

Mark: International Avenue is a natural hub for east Calgary. It is a food hub for culinary explorers. It is a service hub for agencies assisting the vulnerable. It is a business hub for entrepreneurs seeking affordable, high traffic space to base their retail operations. It is a migration hub for people seeking change in their lives. emergeHUB intends to coalesce all this activity. Our location at the heart of International Avenue is a place where people gather, share, exchange, converse and create – a cross-pollination of all the area’s diverse activities.

Us: Mark! How much Trubuch did you drink this morning!? That was awesome. It takes us until at least 2 pm to get that articulate. OK, lastly tell us quickly how folks can get involved?

Mark: Anyone can access emergeHUB through doorways such as our upcoming Change Maker Chat video conversations, Lunch & Learn programs, by visiting emergeMARKET or subscribing to our newsletter – and there is no charge for any of it. For those who do want to make a deeper connection to our community, the co-work space is more than exchanging a fee for service. A paid membership at emergeHUB is an investment in a community that will do its best to return your support in kind.

Check it out…www.emergehub.ca @emergeHUByyc