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Thrive to merge with Momentum

Thrive is excited to announce some big news. This fall, the Thrive team will merge with the Momentum team. This means that the Thrive brand will be immediately decommissioned, but the important work of Thrive will continue, and is perhaps more important than ever.   As you may know, Thrive has been operating as a separate area of work […]

A Conversation with Cynthia Watson

Cynthia Watson likes to say that she “reverse-engineered” her career path. She started in palliative care, working with people in end-of-life care. Then she moved to the Repsol Sport Centre, where her focus was on high-performance athletes. Now, she’s in her third year as CEO—that’s Chief Evolution Officer—at Vivo for Healthier Generations. At Vivo, the […]

Customer Journey Mapping with Cynthia Watson

“Often, as an entrepreneur, we fall in love with our idea. And of course everyone’s going to love it, but we have trouble narrowing down who our target market is. We want to serve everyone, and then we serve no one. Customer Journey Mapping helps us take off our “expert” hat and co-create/experiment with different […]

Spacefinder creates community through placemaking

Having a physical space in which to gather is an integral part of community building. However, many organizations in the non-profit and arts sectors struggle to find a home base in Alberta. Enter Spacefinder, a free platform created by developers in New York City that was brought to Alberta by Calgary Arts Development and friends […]