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Support these local businesses partnering with Local Investing YYC

Local Investing YYC is a for-profit investment cooperative with a mandate to get capital back into local businesses that are generating financial returns while creating positive social and environmental change in Calgary. They recognize the power of mobilizing community wealth to strengthen the local economy and create positive change. “We are on the cusp of […]
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Spacefinder creates community through placemaking

Having a physical space in which to gather is an integral part of community building. However, many organizations in the non-profit and arts sectors struggle to find a home base in Alberta. Enter Spacefinder, a free platform created by developers in New York City that was brought to Alberta by Calgary Arts Development and friends […]
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Where are they now? Catching up with the Thrive Incubator graduates

In the spring of 2018, Thrive launched its first-ever Incubator cohort with 12 aspiring social entrepreneurs seeking to create social impact through their business. We were fortunate to catch up with five of these inaugural graduates, and this is what they’re up to now: Ely Ryan, Tradeslife Ryan had first incorporated his business in 2013 […]