Calgary’s largest makerspace gets a Boost

Since it first opened eight months ago, Fuse 33 in Forest Lawn has worked hard to be an inclusive workshop space where people of all abilities, backgrounds and skill levels can make new things.

Today, founder Danny Eisenberg is hoping to increase Fuse 33’s impact with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign through ATB BoostR – a crowdfunding platform created by ATB Financial to serve Alberta’s entrepreneurs.

The campaign is hoping to raise $12,000 for new equipment such as 3D printing tools, educational workshops, a commercial space, and an incubator program – all meant to serve the community at large in addition to the makers that utilize the space for woodworking, metalworking, and technology.

One of the pieces of equipment Eisenberg has his eye on is a state-of-the-art CNC router, a computer-controlled cutting machine that can be used for tasks from 3D printing, to pouring concrete and building furniture with precision accuracy.

“It’s also an opportunity to create more members and awareness within the community and allow the community to have all the resources that it deserves and needs,” says Eisenberg, who first came to Calgary as a mechanical engineer and, having been dissatisfied in his search for a workshop space, he founded his own instead.

“We want to help Calgarians learn new ways to make their lives better and create their own goods locally and break down barriers so people can have the tools and resources at their fingertips. Our welding classes, for example, are largely attended by middle-aged women who never got the opportunity to learn it before because it was a ‘man’s thing.’”

At 9,000 ft2, Fuse 33 is the largest workshop of its kind in Calgary, and it constantly strives to be an inclusive and welcoming space for all. Much of the workshop floor is wheelchair-accessible, which is perfect for team members like Jay Hildenbrand, a welder by trade who has spent the past year in a wheelchair due to illness.

“He’s such a great person to be around,” Eisenberg says. Hildenbrand now works at Fuse 33, sharing his extensive knowledge with its patrons while being able to continue his welding career.

“It’s powerful to see someone who both gets so much out of our space and gives so much to it,” Eisenberg says.

“We’re looking forward to helping people create their own future and support their growth.”

Take Action:

  • Click here to support Fuse 33’s BoostR campaign, which runs until October 28, 2018. Perks for contributors include embroidered hoodies and memberships anywhere from three months to a lifetime.
  • Check out Fuse 33 in person at 1720 Raddison Drive SE.
  • Click here to check out the class schedule for Fuse 33.
  • Connect with Fuse 33 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.