Did you know there’s a free program for established social entrepreneurs who want to grow their business financially while creating social change in YYC? Thrive Accelerator is a 16-week program designed to help you to do business differently and grow your profit and benefit the community. Does this sound like you? You have a Calgary-based operational… Continue Reading

Sharing some amazing sparks of action, we see through our collaborative work in community and a few opportunities this July! Emerge Co-Work Hub We are thrilled to announce emergeHub opens in July, yet another exciting initiative of International Ave BRZ. The co-work hub was unveiled for an early viewing in June and acted as site… Continue Reading

This great snapshot of the upcoming Soul of the Next Economy Forum was submitted by our friend and Chair of the planning committee for the event Angie Redecopp. She is an associate professor at Ambrose University, and teaches in the business program and development studies minor. Her research focuses on the supply chain and human rights. … Continue Reading

It was a national gathering, a meeting of minds (and eating of very large chocolate chip cookies) to discuss building support among funders, policymakers and leading practitioners, and explore opportunities for shared and sustainable prosperity. Some, like members of the Quebec-based Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation or Kaye Grant representing the Canadian Worker Co-operative… Continue Reading