All aboard Ideation Station

Since its inception, Thrive has been using business development to reduce poverty and generate social change. Ideation Station is the newest addition to Thrive’s business development training programs.

Ideation Station is a one-day workshop aimed at anyone with an idea for social business – especially in the realm of poverty reduction – that needs help being fleshed out, offering a flexible space for aspiring changemakers to explore their ideas and fine-tune them.

“It’s very much a workshop format,” she says. “Don’t come in expecting to listen to me for seven hours, come in expecting to work and for me to guide you through activities.” Such activities will include developing the value proposition, revenue stream, and business model, using Lean Business methodologies. Lean Business is a strategy that implements experimentation and hypotheses to rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable.

The idea for Ideation Station came about last year, when facilitator Meredith Perich was combing through applicants for the latest Incubator program – a six-month education and coaching program to launch start-up social businesses.

“We noticed this pool of great potential social entrepreneurs who had some great ideas, but those ideas might not have been ready to form a full business plan around,” she explains. “They needed help building out the business model before they could move forward.”

The first-ever Ideation Station workshop is set for March 9th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Momentum, with plans to offer a second run in the fall.

“My hope is to foster greater connections within the start-up community, and for those who decide their idea is feasible to later join our Incubator program and bring their ideas to life.”