9 great business ideas from the minds of the Fall 2018 Incubator

Now in its second cohort, Thrive Incubator is poised to help early-stage and aspiring social entrepreneurs put their business ideas to action.

The fall run of the program is now in session, and we are in awe of the innovative ideas that our participants have brought into the classroom.

Check out the business ideas from the fall 2018 class below:

  • A backyard greenhouse website hub that empowers people to grow their own food, partnering with Indigenous investors to incorporate traditional plants and plant knowledge into the greenhouse model.
  • A community centre to explore collaboration, artistic expression, education, spirituality, and personal growth and development.
  • A worker-owned, vegetarian-forward restaurant cooperative and minimal waste bodega. Class-inclusive, ethically rooted, and an alternative economic model providing non-exploitative work.
  • A cooperative music venue providing a cultural experience to Calgary and social support system to employees.
  • A line of ethically produced, locally designed beach bags.
  • A low-cost counselling service for women on low-income.
  • An online platform to engage and empower youth in sport and the community that supports them.
  • A social enterprise providing educational, recreational, social, and employment services to people living with disabilities.
  • Sustainable designers and consultants of eco-friendly communities.

The goal of the Incubator program is to have businesses ready to launch three months after graduating from the six-month program. We can’t wait to see how they progress!


  1. Do you have a social business idea kicking around that could help Calgarians thrive? Click here to learn more about Incubator and how to apply for the spring 2019 cohort!
  2. Get out in your community and shop local this holiday season. Supporting local business creates a multiplier effect by circulating more dollars in the local economy.