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Intrinsi – Healthy Living, Locally

In 2016, Thrive received amazing applications for the Community Economy Leader Award we presented through REAP’s Be Local Awards in November. Throughout 2017, we will be profiling these amazing local businesses and the fantastic work they are doing in Calgary.

Intrinsi is a locally owned business that is dedicated to creating an amazing workplace culture, supporting the environment, and making a real impact in the community. Since 2007, they’ve provided Calgarians with a unique and inviting space to heal and create meaningful lifestyle changes, while still being mindful of how their business practices impact the larger community.



Their application for the Community Economy Leader Award displayed their commitment to creating a socially and environmentally sustainable business. Their employees are encouraged to volunteer at local agencies like The Alex Community Health Centre during working hours. They have partnered with Vibrant Communities Calgary as a Living Wage Leader, ensuring all staff, including part time employees, receive a living wage. Intrinsi also has a unique way of establishing links with nature, refusing to be trapped in their offices all year – staff are the proud caregivers to two beehives located in Shouldice Park. Not only does this mean employees can spend time outside in beautiful community gardens during the summer, they are also rewarded with a bounty of fresh honey for their efforts! The office space is kept beautiful and vibrant as well, with an in-house Art Coordinator who ensures the walls are filled with pieces from local artists, on a constantly changing rotation to keep the space fresh and new.

Intrinsi makes a conscious choice to purchase locally whenever possible, making use of their REAP membership to find like-minded businesses whenever they need new suppliers and partners. This decision has lead to an impressive 57% of their suppliers being local, including REAP members Bullfrog Power, Neal’s Yard, Lowen’s Skincare, Market 17, and P.E.L. Recycling. Rather than take the easiest route to finding vendors, this economy leader values the impact they can make by choosing local and sustainable businesses to partner with.


As their business expands with the opening of the new Natural Movement Centre, they are continuing to choose local businesses and businesses that promote environmental sustainability. When building the new Centre, they opted for eco-friendly designers and artisans, including Firebrand Glass in Black Diamond and Ecowalls, a company using natural heritage plaster formulas. All of the food at the clinic is supplied by local vendors (chosen by staff through a sampling process,) including kombucha from Happy Belly Kombucha and treats from Basic Roots.

If you’re still searching for a meaningful goal to set in the first part of 2017, but want it to support your community as well as your own health, Intrinsi has you covered. Starting on Monday, January 16th, they’ll be launching their 30 Day Challenge. This unique challenge will include:

  • An assessment before and after the Challenge for a baseline assessment
  • Three-times-per-week visits for Natural Movement Fitness
  • and nutritional support, including a 21-day meal plan

Thank you Intrinsi for applying to be Calgary’s Local Economy Leader! Your dedication to the health of your clients, your employees, and your city are inspiring and are making a lasting impact in our community.

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Plan a visit to Intrinsi’s new Natural Movement Centre by checking out their class schedule.

Join the Natural Movement Challenge for 30 Days of exercise, support, and accountability. Starts January 16!

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Want a more-than-gentle introduction? Check out the Elements One Day Workshop on January 22, 2017.