Learning Indigenous Wisdom

Thrive is proud to partner with the Simon Fraser University Certificate Program for Community Economic Development to host Indigenomics – a TWO-DAY COURSE designed for professionals who are working in business development, lending, community development, non-profits, social development, planning or consulting and are interested in:

  • building local relationships with First Nations to support indigenous economies and/or
  • applying indigenous economic principles to achieve sustainable, effective and inclusive local economic development

You will LEARN about:

  • First Nations world view and approach to economic development, including key components of a First Nations economy
  • the relevance to local economic development, including the role of government and corporations
  • the complexity of Aboriginal economic development decision making
  • the current socio-economic state of First Nations, including statehood and governance
  • market failures and successes within First Nations communities



Indigenomics website

A limited number of bursaries are available. Please submit a letter to Thrive by email (info@thrivecalgary.org) sharing the reason why you are applying for a bursary and your interest in Indigenomics. DEADLINE for bursary applications: April 10th

*NOTE: Bursaries are not eligible for early bird pricing.



Carol Anne Hilton, MBA and CEO of Transformation – is a recognized leading First Nation’s business entrepreneur with a Masters Degree in Business Management from the University of Hertfordshire, England. Carol Anne is from the Nuu chah nulth Nation. Carol Anne has a solid understanding of First Nation’s economic development best practices and brings extensive knowledge and experience in community development, business management, corporate relations, engagement strategies and project management. Carol Anne works to incorporate an Aboriginal worldview while bringing First Nations, industry and government together to design new approaches for sustainable, inclusive development. Carol Anne was a founding Director of the BC First Nations Health Society/ Interim BC First Nations Health Authority. Carol Anne currently serves on the Community Social Planning Council; chairs the Community Micro Lending Society and serves as a Director of the World Fisheries Trust.


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