Buy Better Summit- A Change in Our Approach

Over the past weeks Thrive collaborated with Conscious Brands to craft an opportunity for businesses and non-profits to think deeply about their purchasing practices.

Imagine the change that is possible for our local economy if a group of businesses and non profits boldly shift the way they shop. Thrive is convinced that purchasing is a significant, underused lever for positive change.

Our network drew energy from the idea and shared the July 30th Buy Better Summit information broadly. Thank you to everyone who helped to spread the word.

It turns out that summer isn’t the best time for focused learning—we didn’t receive enough firm commitments from participants to go ahead. So, for the time being, we’ve decided to let the idea rest. The summit isn’t going ahead on July 30th after all.

Is your organization keen to leverage its purchasing power for social and environmental good? Would you be interested in joining a future group learning opportunity? Please, reach out to me personally via and help inform our network’s next step.

If you just can’t wait, I highly recommend you consider partnering with Conscious Brands directly. As local Sustainability Sherpas, they can design a custom solution to energize your supply chain’s positive impact. You can reach Rob, Matt, Jessica and the rest of the team at

Keep Thriving!


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