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Community Hive

Written by Allison Smith, Thrive

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network recently had a photo contest with the question: what does CED mean to you? Here’s what we submitted:


Community Economic Development is a lot like a bee hive. The hive mentality is focused on collective action¬† for the common good of the hive. Bees take what they need from their surrounding environment,¬† always give back through pollination and honey production. There is a fine, sustainable balance between the hive and nature. This mutual relationship is one that is strived for with CED. Where the environment, economy and community are interconnected, dynamic and equally important. Continue reading “Community Hive” »

The Hidden Value of Intrapreneurs


Written by Allison Smith, Thrive

We’ve all heard of the risk taking entrepreneurs that have left their jobs or dropped out of University to pursue their business dreams. We know entrepreneurs are driven, dreamers and thrive on innovation and change. However, less talked about, are the intrapreneurs who possess those same qualities but use them within a large organization. Rarely hidden, they like to do things a bit differently than the norm. Continue reading “The Hidden Value of Intrapreneurs” »

Co-operative Meet-Up Resources


A BIG thank you to everyone who attended the meet-up November 26th. It was great to see so many new faces, with a lot of great co-operative ideas!

As promised, here are the co-operative meet-up resources in case you missed it. Continue reading “Co-operative Meet-Up Resources” »