Community Economy Leader Award Winner: Leela Eco Spa!

We’re excited to announce Leela Eco Spa as the winner of the Community Economy Leader Award as part of the REAP Be Local Awards! Congratulations Leela Eco Spa!


The Community Economy Leader Award recognizes a REAP member that is building a resilient local community and economy. This award goes to a business that is rooted here in Calgary and it shows in how they invest in people and places, purchase from fellow local businesses, provide valuable social benefit and support their community in general. The award recipient will also be receiving a bursary to participate in the Community Economic Development Certificate Program being hosted by Thrive and First Calgary Financial in 2014.

Leela Eco Spa does all that and more! Located in the heart of Bridgeland, they have been active members of the community since they opened their doors. Leela offers yoga, massage, and esthetics, while always giving back to the local community and economy. They are driven to create shared value within the local community for residents, businesses and community support groups. For example, they have offered free yoga in the park for the community and fund raised for a local charity impacted by the flood. One innovative initiative was their collaboration with REAP’s Urban Orchard Program to plant fruit bearing trees for every 100 massages and 150 yoga drop in’s. Currently they have over 40 trees this fiscal year, and hope to reach 80 by the end of the year. The overall goal of the program is to have a zero carbon footprint!

In addition, they view investment in their staff, the community and the environment, not only as the right thing to do, but as a wise financial strategy for their business, instead of as a cost.

We’re thrilled to present this award to Leela Eco Spa and honor their commitment to community and the local economy! Thrive’s Steering Committee had a difficult time selecting this year’s winner. There were so many incredible applicants! Each spoke in depth to their contributions to our community and local economy. Thank you to all the awesome applicants – keep up the great work!

Learn more about Leela Eco Spa here:



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