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10 Reasons to Get Your CED Certificate!

Think 3 InterconnectedWondering if you should apply for the Simon Fraser University, Community Economic Development (CED) Certificate Program coming to Calgary? Well, 100% of graduates recommend the program to peers. If that’s not enough of a reason, here are 10 more: Continue reading “10 Reasons to Get Your CED Certificate!” »

What do I want to do for a living?

264800_226381044058708_4933313_nWritten By Allison Smith, Thrive

We can all relate to the heavy, difficult question “What do I want to do for a living?” It’s a tough question, that means something different to everyone. It’s not just a question for recent high school grads anymore. Continue reading “What do I want to do for a living?” »

Get your CED Certificate


We are recruiting twenty-five leaders to take the Community Economic Development certificate program from January to May 2014 with a special cohort of Calgary’s most active change-makers.

  • Are you currently working in community development or economic development?
  • Are you interested in how we can build a more people-friendly and planet-friendly economy?
  • Are you interested in bringing your work in to the classroom and taking your impact to the next level?
  • Would you like to roll up your sleeves with a highly skilled, highly innovative, group of professional peers?

Applications accepted between October 18 and November 28. Apply now! Bursaries available thanks to generous support from First Calgary Financial


We’re Hiring!

After almost two years with the network, our CED Coordinator Courtney Hare is moving on to new opportunities. That means – we’re hiring!

Are you interested in systems change and public policy? Are you a skilled facilitator who engages people and invites them to act in making positive change? Do you have a love for community economic development? If so, view the Community Economic Development Coordinator – Job Posting and consider applying!

Leaf Ninjas: Collectively fighting the urban battle for local food!

Written By Allison Smith, Thrivedave

Leaf Ninjas are transforming our urban communities, and putting our wasted backyard space to good use! They’re a  spunky, driven, and eco-conscious group of urban farmers and permaculture designers in Calgary. But they aren’t doing it alone. With the help of community residents, Canadian experts, local farmers, restaurant owners and more, they’ve spread their roots in the Inglewood-Ramsay community, with urban farms split between 8 backyards.

The four childhood friends started Leaf Ninjas  as a leaf raking and compost business. After they mastered the art of raking lawns, they started to dream bigger. Continue reading “Leaf Ninjas: Collectively fighting the urban battle for local food!” »

20 Takeways from the Social Enterprise World Forum 2013

Blank white speech bubbles1)   Calgary is buzzing with social enterprise energy, inspiration & possibility.

2)   People genuinely fear measuring impact.

3)   There is a need for better and more storytelling.

4)   There is no single definition of a social enterprise.

5)   To capitalize on the 4th point, someone should publish a universal pocket book of definitions.

6)   There is a deep rooted desire to incorporate more arts for social impact.

7)   Hunger was never felt.

8)   The difference between a canoe and a Canadian, is a canoe tips…

9)   A youth entrepreneurship movement is happening. Embrace it.

10)  Localize is awesome.

11) There is huge potential for greater Aboriginal engagement.

12) Government presence was applauded from all delegates.

13)  The flying pig should have been a cow…..

14) The best place to hang out was the collaboratorium.

15) The Alberta Social Enterprise Venture Fund launched.

16) Collecting business cards is fun.

17) Empthay is vital.

18) Your theory of change should be one sentence.

19) You CAN make friends on twitter.

20) Cowboy hats look good on everyone.