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We Should Know Our Local Businesses

Written by Thrive

Date: Saturday, Sept. 29,  1-4pm
Location: King Edward School (1720 30 Ave SW)
Admission: Free

Did you know that local businesses help create wealthier, healthier and wiser communities?

On September 29th & 30th, hundreds of Calgarians will be stopping by We Should Know Each Other #100. Among the dozens of demonstrations, Thrive is hosting an interactive activity called We Should Know Our Local Businesses. This will be a fun and engaging way for people to get to know some wonderful local businesses – REAP members, Living Wage Leaders, and Momentum Business Graduates. However, this is serious stuff. Local businesses do more than just provide us great products and services.

Research shows that, compared to large retail chains, local businesses[1]:

  • Are usually unique and fill a community need
  • Connect neighbours and community members
  • Compensate employees better
  • Create more jobs
  • Donate more to local charities
  • Help create walkable communities
  • Are affected by local circumstances and are, therefore, more involved in their communities
  • Spend more money on local products and services
  • Ensure greatest consumer choice and best price over the long term.

Get to know your local businesses.  Perhaps start small, yet have a big impact, by moving 10% of your spending locally. For example, to a local coffee shop, the farmers market or co-op grocery store,  a local restaurant that buys local produce, or another great local businesses. Let us know how your experiment goes!

[1] For more information, explore the following research conducted and collected by the following organizations: