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A lens for the Alberta Social Policy Framework

Community Economic Development (CED) utilizes the economy and marketplace in innovative ways to improve social conditions. It assists businesses to grow and residents to improve their income. CED appeals to Alberta’s entrepreneurial spirit and builds the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of communities.

CED strategies for social development have been adopted by communities, municipalities, as well as provincial and federal governments across Canada. Thrive recommends that a provincial Social Policy Framework adopt a CED lens. Read Thrive’s full submission to the Alberta Social Policy Framework on the website or here: A CED lens for the Alberta Social Policy Framework.



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CED Activities and Charitable Registration


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has issued a new guidance on Community Economic Development Activities and Charitable Registration, replacing the previous guidance in 1999. The guidance explains that the law in Canada does not recognize community economic development (CED) as a charitable purpose. However, activities related to CED may be charitable when they directly further  a charitable purpose and organizations that carry out CED activities may be eligible for charitable registration under the Income Tax Act.  Generally, CED activities involve improving local economic opportunities and social conditions. The guidance explains that CED activities generally fall into five areas:

  • activities that relieve unemployment;
  • grants and loans;
  • program-related investments;
  • social businesses for individuals with
    disabilities; and
  • community land trusts.

Further description and details of activities are described in the guidance, along with definitions for social finance and social enterprise.