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The Benefits of Calgary Dollars

Written by Thrive

The Calgary Dollars complementary currency began in 1996 and has measured social and economic capital benefits for participants. This brief article provides a literature review and references some relevant government endorsements of complementary currency including the City of Calgary and the Alberta provincial complementary currency of 1936. The findings suggest that both social and economic capital benefits are realized by Calgary Dollars participants and that benefits increase with the length of participation.


Visit the International Journal for Community Currency Research to read the article Calgary Dollars: Social and Economic Benefits.


To learn more about Calgary Dollars, visit the the Calgary Dollars website is

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Strategic Map 2012

Written by Thrive

In February 2011, we launched our first Strategic Map to set the direction for our work. Over the past year we have worked towards advancing a number of the catalyst opportunities identified. As a result, there have been many exciting changes to the Thrive Network including: new Steering Committee members, new partnerships, and the emergence of new catalyst opportunities.

After the Evaluate to Celebrate event, we have revisited the Strategic Map to; evaluate our work over the past year, clarify new catalyst opportunities and identify next steps for these emerging opportunities. We are excited to share with you the updated Strategic Map.  The Network Pathways have been updated to reflect new partnerships and catalyst opportunities and an Evaluation Framework was created to provide specific indicators to measure the overall health of the network and the impact on the community.

We look forwarding to the next phase of the journey as we continue to build new relationships, form new constellations and continue to create a thriving local economy for all, forever.

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Make It Good

Written by Thrive


As a social-profit organization,Make it Good addresses the barriers and challenges that exist for individuals and organizations as they work towards greater sustainability. Make It Good confronts these barriers and challenges by working collaboratively to change the systems that keep us disconnected from a sustainable society.

Make it Good facilitates and supports wise action. We create a space for thoughtful dialogue where people can come together to better understand the challenges that affect our communities and to uncover the possibilities and opportunities that exist to move beyond them.

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Are Cities What Create Good Jobs?

Written by Thrive

With the 2012 US presidential election heating up, there’s lots of talk about “the job creators”. Some argue its big business. Most evidence suggests its actually small, local businesses that stimulate job growth (Check out Yes! Magazine and BALLE). But, what about cities? Do they create jobs?

According to Jim Clifton, at Gallup Management Journal, bring the right elements together, and they can. He says, “economic booms originate in the souls of individuals and great cities”.  With the right plan, any city can be a catalyst for job creation.

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