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Social Finance for Calgary


Written by Thrive


What is the return on your investments? The value of an investment is typically looked at from a purely financial perspective with the social return often overlooked or not considered at all. Social Finance has been around for a number of years, but it is quickly gaining traction as it has the potential to solve some of society’s social and environmental challenges while generating a financial return. Investment options to date have existed for only the for-profit sector. Social finance options offer both for-profits and non-profits access to needed funds and can provide investors with the option to invest in work that improves society and generates a positive financial return.

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2011 Year in Review: The Story of our Changing Map

Written by Thrive

We launched our first strategic map in 2011 (which influenced the design of our new website, too!) and what a year it was! The map intentionally has an orienteering feel to emphasize that we are on a journey, learning as we go, filling out the details of the map as we walk along the paths and discover the finer details. “We make the road by walking” (Myles Horton and Paulo Freire).

With our new map comes new language, as we found ourselves using new metaphors and words when talking about our work.

  • Magnetic Attractor – This is our vision: A thriving local economy for all, forever!
  • Network Pathways – These are our four areas of work that Thrive believes will help us achieve our vision
  • Catalyst Opportunities – These are all the projects, initiatives, actions that have the potential for highest impact and are therefore where we choose to invest our time and other resources (within the four network pathways)
  • Constellations – These are self-organizing teams – all of you – working on a particular issue that contributes to our shared vision

In February 2011, we launched our strategic map and it looked like the map you see above. Some work was happening in each of our identified pathways (social enterprise and workforce development amongst others). Through our collaborative work in 2011, we’ve considerably added to the map.

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