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Social Enterprise After-hours: Bringing Gurus and Newbies Together!

Written by Thrive

You’ve spoken. We’ve listened.

Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta, Thrive (Calgary’s Community Economic Development Network) and Servants Anonymous Society have joined up to create a mentorship and learning space for new, emerging and established social enterprises. Our goal is to come together, as thinkers and practioners, to support the growth of this business model as it takes off in Calgary.

Some of the things we’ve heard that you want to chat about include:

  • What is social enterprise?  What types of social enterprises exist in our community?
  • What do we mean by ‘blended value’? How do social entrepreneurs create this?
  • Is the ‘mainstream market’ ready for social enterprise? Will people buy from my social enterprise?  Would you invest in a social enterprise?

Join us as we get these conversations (and others) rolling in order to build a movement around social entrepreneurship in Calgary!

The event is free & is generously sponsored by the Trico Charitable Foundation.

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