10 Women-owned Thrive alumni making a difference for all

International Women’s Day is on March 8th, and this year we wanted to highlight some of the fierce female entrepreneurs whose social businesses are furthering this year’s theme of “Each for Equal”:

  1. Alora Boutique – This handmade jewelry company is dedicated to uplifting women out of poverty. Through jewelry sales going to homeless and women’s shelters, as well as skill-building workshops for the women who live there.
  2. Big IdeaFounded by a former teacher, Big Idea fosters youth entrepreneurship to empower the next generation to solve wicked problems.
  3. CoRiseThis baked goods company uses spent grain harvested from local breweries to make flour, cookies, and granola. Reducing the footprint of Calgary’s booming craft beer scene.
  4. FoodscapeInspired by the founder’s Indigenous roots, Foodscape is a landscaping company revolutionizing the industry through intentional design and providing meaningful work to vulnerable Calgarians facing addictions.
  5. Maya Corona Art & DesignA graphic designer and watercolour artist, Maya Corona is fostering creativity as a wellness practice through workshops in underserved communities.
  6. NudemarketA zero-waste shop in Victoria Park, Nudemarket is helping patrons reduce their footprint in everyday life.
  7. Pushpa PyrographyA pyrographer (wood burning artist) by trade, Pushpa is using her art to provide therapy to youth facing mental health struggles.
  8. Saraphy Bath & SpaBuilt by a Myanmar refugee, Saraphy Bath & Spa crafts soap by hand out of natural ingredients that are good for the body and the earth. The company also provides meaningful work to fellow refugees coming to Canada.
  9. Thea CayeA beach bag company empowering survivors of human trafficking in Nepal through safe and meaningful work.
  10. Yummi YogisA plant-forward catering company specializing in retreats and community-focussed events to improve accessibility to sustainable and healthy food.

Take Action:

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